Monday, February 25, 2019


Dear friends and readers

WHAT A CONTROVERSY!!! And yet it should be so easy.

Have you ever seen this much argument over something so simple as a wall on a nations border?

As I write this I am not coming from a political viewpoint nor do I represent any of the modern day political machines currently running Washington D.C. I am writing this article strictly from two perspectives 1). Can we find a Biblical argument for walls and boarders? 2). Can we have a bit of common sense here--PLEASE!?

So lets start out with some basics; When driving through any state---lets say California, there eventually comes a time in which you see a sign that says "ENTERING NEVADA". One single foot past that sign or imaginary mark on the ground means that you are now in an entirely different jurisdiction. Even the traffic laws change and unless it is a real emergency Law Enforcement from one state entering another state is without power to enforce the law. Real estate laws are different. An attorney moving from California to Nevada has to be recertified by the Nevada authorities before he can practice law. The laws are so vastly different between these two jurisdictions that they even vary in alcohol licensing, gambling and prostitution.

They are sovereign territories who have the right to determine what will and will not happen within their borders. If Nevada wanted to build a fence or wall to keep out those rascally California born jack rabbits, no one would care or even notice (until they received their tax bill of course).

On a much higher plane, did you know that the New City of Jerusalem (Revelation chapter 21) is surrounded by walls with gates? Lets see now, who was it who authored Revelation chapter 21? Oh yes, now I recall it was the Lord Himself---God! All over the Middle East today you will find countries with varying degrees of walls with gates. You cannot pass from Israel to Jordan without passing through a veritable mountain of barbed wire, razor wire and armed guards. The same can be said for many countries of the world today. With the exception of parts of the European Union, you cannot pass from one nation to another without the proper paperwork.

A wall or security barrier is the only thing today keeping a semblance of order between Israel and the Gaza strip. Walls work. And in the case of the southern border of the United States and Mexico, there is ample justification on both siders to want a wall or security barrier of some kind. Drugs going north and guns going south. Now I am not an anti gun guy and believe strongly in the Second Amendment but that is NORTH of the border. When I am SOUTH of the border I know full well that guns are illegal in Mexico and if caught with one I would be in prison. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Different countries, different laws. Two different sovereign territories both of whom have the absolute right to put in place laws that apply their own cultures.

But what about God? What does He think? I guarantee that God is not confused by this issue. In Acts chapter 17:26 the Apostle Paul tells us that God established nations and boarders.  Daniel chapter 2 tells us that God raises up leaders and nations and it is also He who also puts them down. Without borders a kingdom is not a kingdom, it is merely a war waiting to happen with its neighbors. There would be no order, no justice and no law. God also says that He will bless a nation whose God is the Lord and that could not happen if that nation was not clearly distinguished from all others. And God also says that one day He will judge all the nations. Clearly it is His desire for clear cut nations to exist.

The definition of any country includes a common language (although others may well exist within). A common system off exchange, a common currency and a common system of defense. And these things should be of real concern to citizens of any country and the terms of these issues should be something that are not kicked around like political footballs.  Leviticus 19:34 sees God commanding Israel to welcome the strangers or sojourners "as one" who is native born. Sounds great for the open borders clan don't you think? But let's peel away some layers shall we? The Hebrew word for "STRANGER" is "ger" and basically means an immigrant WHO WANTS TO ASSIMILATE"! Have you noticed how many demonstrations lately have witnessed immigrants waiving the flags of their old country while on American soil? That is not assimilation folks. That is entering the good ole U.S. of A. and trying to turn it into the country they just left or escaped from.

King Solomon said in 2nd Chronicles 6:32 "If a sojourner comes to our land BECAUSE OF OUR GOD then welcome him".

But we do have to be very careful here what Biblical scriptures we use in relationship to a southern border wall in the United States because we are not Israel. So while we can see a general picture of how God worked with the ancients we have an obligation to offset that with the verse that says God never changes. The way He thought about things THEN is still the way He thinks about things NOW!

Every single sovereign territory on this earth has a duty to it's citizens to protect them from evil doers.  Of course certainly most prospective immigrants are just trying to make their lives better. But also there are some very bad guys out there trying to get into the country by any means possible. I for one am all for legal immigration but since I live in Mexico as a permanent resident, I can tell you first hand, that it took my wife and I, YEARS OF PAPERWORK and red tape to gain that designation, not to mention a ton of greenbacks! And when we adopted a Mexican child it took nearly 7 years in the Mexican courts to do so. If at any one single moment we were not legal during those years, we could have been deported in a heart beat. And righteously so!

So what am I concerned about? I am sick and tired of seeing this border wall controversy sucking the oxygen out of nearly every single news cycle. I am tired of seeing this thing used for political gain by either or both sides. I am sick and tired of reading about opioid epidemics and illegal drugs flowing from south to north. I am heartily sick of knowing that MS 13 gangs can stroll across the border at will. And yes although I am a gun lover myself, for heavens sakes let's do something to respect Mexican "anti gun" law.

Let's write some letters. Make some calls, do some "orderly" marches if need be and just build the darn wall.

Walls are respected by God and also should be by His creation. If you doubt what I say here just take a look at the book of Nehemiah. Much of it is about rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. That was in the 5th century B.C. Although built and rebuilt many times---they still stand to this very day.

Let's get on with our lives and support the rule of law on both sides of the border. That starts with a defensible wall.

God bless,
Pastor Rance.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

VINDICATED! Ancient Temple NOT in same location of Dome of the Rock!

Dear friends and readers,


To say that I am excited is a gross understatement. For many years I have been claiming and teaching that the two ancient Jewish Temples were NOT located directly under the current Muslim Dome of the Rock on Israel's Temple Mount.

VINDICATION is a very sweet thing! But we will get to that a bit later.

Everyone I have told about my theory including good friends who are Israeli tour guides have---how shall I say this? Smiled, and respectfully treated me with a sort of childish imbecilic grudging respect for someone slightly mentally infirm. As in "OK Rance, lets be realistic here shall we"?

But this was not just some farfetched dream I had---no it was based upon lots of research. The reason for that is because I have believed for a very long time that part of the eventual 7 years peace pact of Daniel chapter 9 (instigated by the eventual antichrist between Israel and her neighbors) would include the ability for Israel to once again build her Third Temple.

Under ALL current thinking by ALL of the supposed authorities, the Jewish Holy of Holies was situated directly under what is now the Dome or Shrine of the Rock which is now located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  And even I would agree that the Islamic scholars and not one single Muslim worldwide would EVER agree to tearing down that Shrine to make way for another Jewish Temple. In fact trying to do so would no doubt trigger a world war.

So, I theorized that the current Dome of the Rock is really located in what may well have been the area of the COURT OF THE GENTILES located in a portion of the original Jewish Temple grounds but not in the exact place of the Temple itself and certainly not the Holy of Holies!

In other words, during the future 7 years peace pact, both the Islamic Dome of the Rock and the new (Third) Jewish Temple could co-exist on the same Temple Mount platform.

Only one man that I know of, a well know journalist and author by the name of David Dolan had similar beliefs. Perhaps others but I have never run into them.

While I cannot speak to Mr. Dolan's rationale, I can speak to mine which was and is based upon established fact and ancient Jewish folklore.

First, it is known in the Mishnah (Jewish Oral Laws) that the first two Temples were not located in the exact center of the current Temple Mount. Second, the first Temple was tilted at an axis of 6.1975 degrees to the north of east so it would directly face the rising sun each day over Mount Moriah. The second Temple had a slightly different axis of 5.971 degrees which accounted for a slight change in solar alignment due to the passage of time (70 years between the destruction of the First Temple by the Babylonians and the beginning of construction of the Second Temple).

Interestingly several years ago I came across a tidbit of folklore (NOTE: I could never prove this point) that indicated that the High Priest could stand with His back to the Holy of Holies and look out through 7 gates to supervise (off in the distance) other priests who were located just outside the Eastern Temple Gate (Golden Gate) while the sins of Israel were transferred onto the head of a Scapegoat and then lead off into the wilderness.

NOTE:  The Eastern or Golden Gate is the one facing the Mount of Olives and the one through which Israel's Messiah will someday enter onto the Temple Mount. We followers of Christ realize that Israel's Messiah is Jesus, the Christ of God!

I have been on the Temple Mount personally and under no circumstances can anyone from the area of the Dome of the Rock look out through the Golden Gate. They are not even close. But there is a very small structure which is directly lined up with the Golden Gate and it is set well back from the Dome of the Rock. This small structure--more accurately a dome shaped tiny open sided kiosk is called the DOME OF THE SPIRITS (in Arabic=Bir al-Arwah). Below which is a partly natural and partly man created small cave which cannot be investigated due to the rules of the Muslim authorities currently in control of the Temple Mount.

This small structure has always been my candidate for the exact location of the ancient Holy of Holies. Would anyone listen? Oh no!

But as stated above---VINDICATION IS A SWEET THING! Just today I reviewed a recent article written by Rabbi Harry Moskoff, the author of the A.R.K. report. After 20 years of intensive research, Rabbi Moskoff has concluded that the ancient Jewish Temples were NOT located on the sight currently occupied by the Islamic Dome of the Rock. Further Rabbi Moskoff himself locates the Holy of Holies directly over that little DOME OF THE SPIRITS! His theory has also been reviewed by Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, one of the leading Haredi (Ultra Orthodox) rabbis and several other leading rabbis who have written decisions agreeing with Moskoff's theory.

To sweeten the pot just a bit; No Rabbi will ever have entered the Dome of the Rock to this point in history, believing it to be the actual spot of the Holy of Holies because only a High Priest would have the ability to do so. However interestingly Rabbi Moskoff points out that an extremely famous 12th century rabbi "Moses ben Maimon" known as MAIMONIDES or the acronym "RAMBAM" did visit Jerusalem during his days and reported that he did in fact enter the Dome of he Rock---a place he would never ever have gone had he believed for one second was the actual location of the Holy of Holies!

Currently there are plans to build the Third Temple. All of the High Priests clothing and Temple sacrificial implements are being recreated. The ancient religious ruling body, the SANHEDRIN has now been reconstituted. There is an outcry from Jews (and many Christians) worldwide to begin construction. What no one has been able to figure out is how to convince the Muslims worldwide to give up their Holy Dome of the Rock?

Now the jury may be in. If in fact Rabbi Moskoff is correct, there is no need to tear down the Dome of the Rock. It makes perfect sense for the future antichrist to find a way around this dilemma. If the DOME OF THE SPIRITS is the actual location of the Holy of Holies and the Dome of the Rock is located in the ancient COURT OF THE GENTILES???

Sounds like perfect Godly planning to me. And I for one am gratified that the Lord revealed this to me so many years ago.

God bless,
Pastor Rance.