Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Dear friends and readers,

The midterm elections are now history---well almost! Several seats are yet to be determined with final vote tallies and of course there will be calls in some districts/states for recounts. So, for some observations; First I was somewhat humored to witness several politicians including the President loudly proclaim victory where in fact all that was achieved will be 2 more years of political gridlock. While I really did not like Obama's Presidency, at least he was up front when his own midterms rolled around and he admitted defeat for his party. Apparently now however the "spin machine" is well oiled and out for a spin! The President and party leaders from both sides of the isle are going to be on every national news network touting their political success.

Well I for one will not spin anything and readily admit that I was wrong in predicting that the GOP would retain the House. Not so on the Senate side and I am eternally grateful for that because it means that Trump will be able to continue appointing (and getting confirmed) lifetime Federal judges including on the Supreme Court. A fact that could well change the political---and moral landscape of the United States for up to the next 30 years. Not to mention confirmation of new trade deals with many countries who do business with the United States. AND---maybe all important, the Senate is the body that must confirm new treaties with other countries which would include nuclear and other issues of immense importance to the entire world.

On the positive side where the House of Representatives is concerned, the people have spoken and the system of checks and balances has prevailed. But for every action there is a reaction and that will play itself out BIG TIME for the next two years as Democrats take over several key House committee chairs. What I am concerned about in this season of hateful rhetoric and "get even" mentality is that the House will now become nearly 100% obstructionist in their thinking and when that happens logjam is the natural expected outcome. Trump can probably expect even more attempts at investigations of various kinds across the board not to mention constant threats of impeachment, and also since the House controls the nations purse strings, his "build the wall" agenda may be severely hampered. Not to mention a possible attempt to restart Obama care for health related issues.

Looks like a new and extended season of nasty civil war between political parties has just begun.

And speaking of obstructionist, we all need to remember that no bill EVER passes without the Presidents signature. Unless of course there is a Congressional override and with the Senate solidly in the hands of the GOP that simply will never happen. So the Democrats know going in that no matter what they want to do they have to have two things for it to work; 1). Senate ratification 2). The Presidents signature.

Then again maybe both parties will settle down and actually try working together.

If you believe that please contact me right away because I have a bridge for sale across the Everglades at bargain basement prices!

God bless,
Pastor Rance.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

ELECTION UPDATE! Midterms go to the GOP.

Morning everyone,

I wrote an article on October 14 entitled "MIDTERMS, THE GOP TAKES IT IN A LANDSLIDE! That article, as is the case with all my articles was non partisan. As I have stated publicly for a very long time, I personally am a "right wing conservative" but that does not translate to REPUBLICAN! What it does translate to, is simply a man who believes in the Bible and teaches it accordingly and the Bible by any other name is decidedly CONSERVATIVE in any generation. And by todays standards is also very right wing if that means that God does not like sin and does like people who are responsible, trustworthy, good for their word and faithful to God, family and friends! Wow that was a mouthful (-:

So as I took a look at the political landscape of both major parties, and what was currently happening,  it became obvious to me that the Democratic party had no real platform and was in fact alienating increasing numbers of everyday Americans. By the way, for the record I am not a Democrat basher! Nor do I always vote along ANY political party lines but rather for whatever man or woman I see is the best for the position and acts in the most Godly, Biblical ways!

My prediction that the GOP will sweep the midterms was based upon facts on the ground as I saw them and I am posting this update today (just 5 days out from the election) to tell you that I have seen nothing that would change my mind.  So here is the deal amigo's----!

5 short days from now you will see the GOP pick up seats in both the House and the Senate!

God bless,
Pastor Rance.