Sunday, October 14, 2018

MID TERMS---the GOP takes it in a landslide!

Dear friends and readers,

Earlier today I wrote an article on my Facebook feed that poked a bit of fun at myself entitled "Pastor BooBoo sticks his neck out---humbled by the hand of God and wife". Yes, unfortunately Pastor BooBoo is a name that I acquired many years ago. A story for another time.

Today I am going to stick my neck out again only this time POLITICALLY!

First some background. I dislike very much "no it alls" and particularly folks who say "I told you so". So, I cannot believe that I am actually about to do that very thing. Back before the last Presidential election, I told some friends and relatives that Donald Trump would win the election. That was not based upon any sort of political savvy on my part, it simply made sense. It made sense to me for two very important reasons; First I believed that out there in the heart of America there was a ground swell of everyday "Joe's and Josephine's" who are sick and tired of being lied to by politicians and really, really do want to see the swamp drained in Washington. Further that they were willing to take a chance on an outsider who had the "chupzpah" to say bodacious things publicly that everyday folks really do say in the privacy of their own living rooms.

Secondly, that many of these folks were not speaking up about their feelings because of the pressure exerted upon then by the false "POLITICALLY CORRECT" narative/garbage peddled by the last occupant of the White House. That on election day, these folks were going to turn out in droves to elect someone who admittedly was more than a bit braggadocios but at the core of things was also believable. And that was exactly what happened.

I still believe it today and predict right here and now that the GOP will not only carry both the House and the Senate but will do so with overwhelming results. I believe the day after the election we will see head lines that say "The GOP takes it in a landslide"!

This is not just a guess on my part. There are reasons. First, like him or love him or hate him, the Presidents numbers are going up and right now (as of yesterday) Rasmussen has him at 50% approval rating and it should be noted that this does not as yet reflect Judge Kavanaughs elevation to the Supreme Court. Nor does if reflect Trumps victory with pastor Andrew Brunsons release by the Turkish Government.  Admittedly polls like CNN and other left wing organizations have Trumps numbers in the toilet but they also did hours before he won the Presidency and the fact is that Rasmussen was the ONLY one who had it right.

The situation with Judge Kavanaugh galvanized the right wing Conservative base like absolutely nothing else could have. People were hot and they are going to show up on election day and get even. Many of these same folks are tired of seeing their tax money used for the furtherance of what many people now agree really is a witch hunt by Robert Mueller and crew. AMERICA'S right wing wants to get on with getting on. It is as simple as that! And they are going to show it with votes!

Also the Kavanaugh issue galvanized many of the previous "NEVER TRUMPERS" and the Presidents coat tails are becoming broad enough that people running on the GOP ticket are actively seeking to identify with the President, who by the way will be stumping on an extremely high level until election day. A man who has proven that he can turn out mega crowds. Like him or hate him he is Mr. Charisma to his supporters who are growing in numbers and pouring millions into Republican Senate and House candidates coffers. Also of significant note is that the Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell seems to finally have a firm grasp on the Senate and is pushing through dozens of Federal Judges for confirmation. Another of Trumps campaign promises.

The mid term elections are on November 6th, Just 23 days from now. Unless something really horrible happens in the next 23 days, Trump who is now the undisputed master of the GOP will lead his party to over whelming victory. But then as before there are many who will sell the man short and under estimate his political savvy. That will prove once again to be a mistake.

Or not? But I personally think so! The writing is on the wall.

Have a great day in Jesus
Pastor Rance
Independent Conservative.


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Russian Bear and Chinese Dragon now in bed together!

Dear friends and readers,

Somethings are happening right now that may be indicators of much larger things to come.  Mainstream news agencies are far more interested in bashing presidents and glorifying the Hollywood elite so many people worldwide simply do not get to see interesting articles that involve vastly important, extremely powerful enemies of our vast world. People and nations with evil intent. And I might add, enemies of Christianity.

I talk a lot about Biblical prophecy, much of which has already been realized and even more that will be in the future. But, I do not believe in trying to fit prophecy into particular news events although we also cannot discount current trends that could conceivably end up becoming parts of fulfilled prophecy at some future date. It is a balancing act! The other thing I do not do is try to "sensationalize" individual events to attract readers. I just report what is happening and you decide. I don't know about you but it upsets me no end when I see articles with titles that looks like the "sky is falling" but after reading I realize it is just so much sensationalism intended to push ratings to the tops of the charts. However some headlines do need to grab attention because the results of both political and military actions by some nations are potentially bad news stuff!

Along those lines some increasingly provocative actions are currently being undertaken by both the Russian Bear and the Chinese Dragon. Two countries who reside next to one another and both have slightly different forms of communism in their long histories. And both of whom are practicing forms of socialism (although Russia claims to be a democracy---don't you believe it for a second). Historically these two nations have NOT been kissing cousins. Far from it because they both posses large standing armies and nuclear weapons. Even more so, vastly different types of cultures which have always led them to distrust one other. So why should we care? After all we are here and they are---WAY over there!

First both Russia and China are thought to be among the next generation of FINANCIAL super powers but the fact is that both countries spend far more on weaponry than on helping their own citizens survive and prosper. As of 2017 Russia boasts about 6,800 nuclear weapons opposed to second place United States with a mere 6,600. Not much of a difference I grant you. China on the other hand has only about 270 but then it would take a mere fractions of that number to destroy the world. Also many nuclear devices are equipped with multiple warheads so who really knows who has what and who has an advantage should a nuclear war break out. Of one thing I am certain, the various governments will never tell "John Q public" the truth!

Simply as a comparison tiny Israel is estimated to have about 80 nukes. Several other nations also have nuclear weapons but frankly of them all my bet is that it would be Israel that would pull the nuclear trigger first if overwhelmed by surrounding neighbors and facing imminent destruction. Why would I say that? Because Israel faces threats of total and complete destruction every single day while there are zero other countries facing that challenge. I do not believe that Israel would EVER allow another Holocaust, nor should they, nuclear weapons not withstanding.

As of this writing Russia and China (as stated above---centuries old enemies) are launching the largest combined war games of this century. It began last Tuesday and involves thousands of Russian troops and an estimated 3,500 or more Chines soldiers. But those are only "smoke and mirror" figures for public consumption. More realistic figures are estimated at upwards of 300,000 total soldiers, 36,000 military vehicles, 80 ships, 1,000 military aircraft  plus an untold number of helicopters and drones.

This is leading speculation among NATO partners that the real goal of these massive war games might be a possible rehearsal for a large scale conflict. As in REAL near future war. Obviously not between Russian China so that leaves the possibility of a large scale dispute between those two countries and NATO which includes the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Canada,
United Kingdom and several other countries both large and small for a total of 28. On the surface it seems silly for just two countries, Russia and China to pit themselves against 28 nations. But perhaps not when you consider China's expansion into the South China Sea and Russian saber rattling where the nation of Ukraine is concerned. Remember that Russia itself represents 11% of the worlds total landmass with China not far behind and the United States in third place. Population wise China is by and far the largest with 1 1/2 billion people, opposed to Russia with a piddling 145 million. In comparison the United States has a population of 325 million but then the U.S. also has the greatest amount of defense spending worldwide. It dwarfs both Russia and China, but far less so if you put them together as military partners.  A very complex mix.

But here is the "kicker" and why China and Russia may be trying to flex their combined muscles. In 2017 China spent a total of 220 Billion on defense, Russia 66 1/2 billion. Lots of money but compare that to the United States at 610 BILLION and of the other 27 Nato countries, France, Germany, the U.K, and Canada, alone spent a combined 191 Billion. NATO IS ONE HUGE THREAT TO RUSSIA AND CHINA, both of whom are displaying aspirations for both regional and worldwide domination.

So the real question being asked is why now? What is this huge military exercise all about between otherwise long time enemies? Plus there are other disturbing things happening that should raise the awareness of Christians worldwide.

TO SWEETEN A VERY UNSAVORY POT! China has recently launched a new program called a "SINICIZATION CAMPAIGN". What that means is fancy speak for a purge of Christians, crosses and churches. This is confiscation and burning of Bibles, destroying crosses, forcing Christians to sign documents renouncing their faith, preventing internet Bible downloads, and both closing and in some cases burning churches. A recent FOX NEWS report indicated that China is in full scale suppression of religious freedoms---not new for them but certainly increasing. And what replaces religious freedom? Forced loyalty to the atheist Chinese Communist Party. However to maintain appearances, China's government approved state authorized bibles that of course water down the Word of God immensely. And pictures of Jesus are being destroyed and replaced with pictures of China's President Xi Jinping. A government atheistic version of the true church is making it's way across China.

All of this is reminiscent of the beginnings of Soviet pogroms and Spanish inquisitions. The world is changing before our very eyes and many who watch the evening news in the United States and other western nations are not in the least bit aware of these issues. Mathew 24:9 states "Then they shall deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name sake" (JESUS SPEAKING).

We have a tendency in western countries to look upon scriptures like that as something that will happen during the future tribulation years of the book of Revelation. BUT, we should all remember that persecution of believers is something that is happing in several countries of the world at this very moment. And although it is not reported widely by news agencies, Christians being martyred for their faith is increasingly drastically in several countries of the world.

However history tells us a bit of good news in the face of terrible adversity. Fact: "THE CHURCH" always grows faster during times of persecution than during times of peace, tranquility and bounty. It is also reported that no matter what the Chinese government is doing to kill off true Christianity, the underground church is not only surviving but thriving.

The question as we see these things happening is simple. Do any of these things portent future fulfillment of Biblical prophecy? Is any of this connected in any way to the fulfillment of future Biblical prophecy?  Is the stage being set for the next act? I sincerely wish I knew for certain but of one thing I do know. The world is becoming a very dangerous neighborhood. Only time will tell what may be on the horizon. But it is time to pay attention to the signs of the times.

Please join me in praying for the Chinese Christians and their churches and may God bless them and all of us as we head into a very uncertain worldwide future! Also for the heads of western democratic free nations to see clearly what if any threats to worldwide peace may be afoot.

God bless,
Pastor Rance.