Friday, July 27, 2018

ISRAEL---another giant step forward !!!

Drear friends and readers,

122 years ago a Jewish scholar by the name of Theodor Herzl published his vision of a new homeland for the Jewish people. Since that time, both WWI and WWII have come and gone, the Holocaust was discovered to be the ghastly nightmare of the centuries, Israel was once again proclaimed to be a nation of May 14, 1948 and Jews have been flooding back to Israel from many nations of the world ever since.

Many things have taken place during the intervening years; Israel has fought 16 wars for survival both large and small, Gave up the Gaza strip to the Palestinian people only to be viciously and continually attacked by the recipients of this magnanimous gift. Many people today do not remember or never knew that it was elements of this very same Palestinian people---a terror organization called "Black September" who in 1972, during the summer Olympic games in  Munich Germany, took 11 Israeli athletes hostage and butchered them all plus one Germany Police Officer. Otherwise know as the Munich Massacre!

Surrounded by enemies, attacked time after time by proxy terrorist armies sponsored by Iran (ancient Persia), both Hezbollah on the north based in Lebanon and Hamas on the west based in Gaza, have been consistently building arms and armies to eventually push all Jews into the Mediterranean Sea and conquer tiny Israel. In the mean while, Israel is doing its very best to maintain the ONLY Democratic form of Government in the entire Middle East. Did you know that when members of Jew hating terrorist families become ill, Israeli hospitals treat them right alongside their own citizens? These things are not reported on the nightly news and in fact most large Christians denominations do not know it either. Sad but true.

Described in the Bible as "the apple of God's eye", Israel will survive and things are moving along rapidly. With the Trump Administration in the Washington seat of power, Israel once again has a strong, committed ally. Now that the U.S. Embassy has officially moved from Tel Aviv to  Jerusalem, other nations are slowly beginning to rethink their embassies as well. And the Jewish nation is loudly and firmly proclaiming Jerusalem as their ancient and current capital city.

On a religious note, a new SANHEDRIN (ruling class of religious Jews headed up by a High Priest during Jesus time on earth ) has been reconstituted and they have even determined the (once lost) ancient cycle for Jubilee years. Also the Temple Mount institute and other similar organizations are preparing a new generation of Aaronic priesthood to oversee services at the planned and certainly eventual new Temple on the ancient Temple Mount.

Politically another water shed moment just occurred that most people in the West are not aware of.
The Israeli Kinneset (body of lawmakers) just passed landmark legislation called the "NATION STATE BILL" which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu describes as "a defining moment in the annals of Zionism and the history of the State of Israel". While somewhat symbolic in nature, this bill stipulates that "Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people and they have an exclusive right to national self determination".

It also casts in concrete, state symbols such as it's national flag and anthem and Jerusalem as the ETERNAL CAPITAL of Israel. Also, although the language of Arabic is awarded "special status" to be used in Israel, Hebrew is the language of the land now legally. Of great importance is something that has slipped through the net of worldwide press reporting;  This new legislation sets as a priority, "the development of Jewish settlements nationwide". That means that the continual harping by the Palestinian and United Nations dogs of anti semitism are rapidly being defanged. I seriously doubt now that Israel will ever listen again to the demand that they dismantle Jewish communities in supposedly "OCCUPIED TERRITORY".

Of course there are many dissenting voices not the least of which are the Arab MK's (lawmakers) who represent about 20% of Israel's population. Claiming the death of Democracy because now Arab citizens are discriminated against. However in fairness (having been there myself and witnessing the truth) many Arab citizens love living under Israeli rule because they are respected and honored as citizens.

Israel as a nation is circling it's wagons. Thumbing it's collective nose at the United Nations program of pro Palestinian, anti Israeli propaganda.


Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
Psalm 122:6-9

God bless,
Pastor Rance.

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Dear friends and readers,

Today is the Ninth of Av on the historical Jewish Calendar. This is the day in history that both Temples were destroyed, the first by the Babylonians and the second by Rome. While this article is not specifically about this infamous day, it is fascinating that big time changes have been happening surrounding the ancient Temple Mount, upon which both Jewish Temples sat.

First, much advance planning has been happening by groups in and around Jerusalem for many years to begin building a third Temple. The corner stone was even cut several years ago and right now awaits the day that construction begins. Also, the Temple institute has recreated many of the costumes (exactly according to Biblical command) for the next High Priest and a large group of Jews  from the line of Aaron (Moses brother) are being trained, who will one day oversee future Temple worship and sacrifice.

At the same time the ancient SANHEDRIN has been reestablished. That was the ruling body of ranking religious Jews headed up by the High Priest during the time of Jesus walk upon this earth. It was primarily made up of Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes. Much more could be added here but the bottom line is;

THE JEWISH PEOPLE WANT THEIR TEMPLE REBUILT! And we know that will happen someday because according to the Prophet Daniel, the eventual antichrist will defile the third Temple.

Many people believe that in order to build a third Temple, the Muslim Shrine (Dome) of the Rock must first be torn down because for many, common belief is that the original Holy of Holies was located exactly over the very same rock upon which the Muslim Shrine currently exists. NOTE: I do not believe that and do believe that both the third Temple and the Muslim Dome of the Rock can and probably will coexist someday because it is very possible that the original Temple was located further north on the Temple Mount and the Dome may well be located within the original "COURT OF THE GENTILES". I cannot be dogmatic about that because I cannot prove it but I continue to search for the evidence.

While according to Daniel a form of peace treaty will someday be arranged by the antichrist and agreed to by Israel and her neighbors (for a period of seven years), I cannot see even a remote possibility that the Muslim world would agree to tear down the Dome of the Rock. But I can see a peace treaty that allows worship by both Jews and Muslims in separate Temple/Shrine facilities.

But for today, recent news articles are intriguing and should tell us that whatever timing God has decreed for the fulfillment of these prophecies, may be drawing near. An article by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz printed in an recent edition of "Breaking Israel News", states that last year was a record breaker for the number of Jews who visited the Temple Mount. Further that this week (the week of the Ninth Of Av) broke even that record of last year. Many think that the uptick in Jewish interest and awareness for the Temple Mount may be an indicator which paves the way for the Third Temple. The article further notes a quote from Elisha Sanderman, spokesman for the Temple Mount activist organization "Yera'eh" that so far this year 22,566 Jews has ascended the Temple Mount. Then goes on to speculate that today, the Ninth of Av, may well be yet another record breaker. Last year on this date only 2,264 visited the Temple Mount so tomorrows news is eagerly awaited.

We are coming into the annual time of both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur which will come in the Fall of the year. These coupled with Sukkoth are considered to be the HIGH HOLY DAYS! Therefore it is believed the reason that many Jews visit the Temple Mount on the Ninth of Av is for the purpose of repentance since their ancient forefathers had rebelled against God and that was what brought on both Temple destructions.

For Christians it is "SPECULATED ON" that Rosh Hashanah could well equate to the Rapture of the church in some future year (note: the Rapture is an IMMINENT event and therefore could happen in the next 5 minutes---nothing prophetical has to happen before that Trumpet blows). My advice is, do not get caught up by false prophets who try and predict the date if the Rapture because scripture clearly tells us that no one knows.

Then some "SPECULATE" that YOM KIPPUR (Day of Atonement) could relate to the second coming to earth of the Messiah, Jesus the Christ. Then comes SUKKOTH which "SPECULATION" believes might signal Tabernacles or the establishment by Messiah of His 1000 year Reign upon this earth. To me this scenario make sense but then I am not God. While this speculation is most certainly tantalizing to think about, it is after all merely speculation.

Why is the "SPECULATION" even thought of or made? After all we really cannot hang our theological hats on any Biblical prophecy until it is an established fact. In the Old Testament book of Leviticus, God decreed that there should be 7 Biblical feast days (or days of repentance). The three we have already discussed are among those but significantly four more are decreed for the Spring of the year. They are 1). "PASSOVER"---Jesus chose to die as the Lamb of God EXACTLY on Passover. 2). Jesus chose to be buried EXACTLY on "UNLEAVENED BREAD" 3). He was risen from the grave EXACTLY on "FIRST FRUITS" and 4). 50 days later on EXACTLY the day of  "PENTECOST" the Holy Spirit fell upon the church (Acts chapter 2).

How is that significant? According to established tradition the day Moses received the LAW from God on Mount Sinai, was also the day of Pentecost. So, thousands of years later again on PENTECOST, at the advent of the NEW COVENANT, the LAW was replaced by "Salvation by the Grace of God".

So the thinking is (again only speculatory until it actually happens) that if Christ perfectly fulfilled the first four feast days in the Spring of the year, perhaps He will choose to fulfill the events of His second coming exactly on the event of the Fall High Holy Days in some future year.

But back to the Temple Mount. I have been to Jerusalem on several occasions and only twice were myself and my tour group allowed to go up to the Temple Mount and normally groups of Jews are not allowed there at all at least in previous years. That seems to be changing and many are once again speculating that these kinds of events could signal the soon coming of Messiah.

That would be nice wouldn't it? In fact many rabbis and some pastors are announcing signs such as blood moons and Jubilee years as sure signs of the coming of the end. The problem with that is simple. I cannot find those specific events in the Bible. Oh yes the scriptures do certainly speak loosely about signs in the heavens. But we must be very careful that we base our beliefs upon scripture itself rather speculation, as fun as that might be.

Lastly today I would like to ask everyone to REALLY keep an eye open for what is happening In Israel and particularly between Israel and both terror organizations of HAMAS and HIZBOLLAH.

Hizbollah has untold thousands of rockets and missiles pointed at Israeli cities. They are located on Israel's northern border within Lebanon and are a puppet, proxy army funded by Iran (ancient Persia). Israel is currently preparing for a war footing against Hizbollah forces. Within GAZA to Israel's west are located the forces of another puppet proxy army of Iran's, HAMAS. At this moment it is believed that yet another war might break out between Hamas and the IDF of Israel, who's Defense Minister has declared publicly that Israel's "gloves are coming off"! This could get very nasty in days to come.

The travesty of it all? You will find very little coverage of these events on any of the nightly news channels within the United States. Apparently it's more fun to report the constant infighting between our own political parties. How sad!

Stay tuned folks, The Lord is on the move.

God bless,
Pastor Rance.